An Overview

This is the era of "information revolution" and almost everything is getting online day by day, with the major objective of providing the users an easier and more convenient mode of access to their various requirement.  Thus, now you can do banking online, book tickets online etc... So, why can't the Office also be online? We at Micro Labs thought just that.  Considering the huge field force which cannot sit in an office and operate (the nature of their job demands a lot of travelling!), a complete "WebOffice" is an ideal solution where all official works can be carried out.

As the name suggests, the "WebOffice" is the online version of a sales team member's office. Thus, it helps the user perform all the official works such as sending, checking & analysing work reports, preparing tour expense statements, handle all official correspondence, etc.

About the Author

Mr. C Ramachandran, Marketing Coordinator for Micro Labs has developed this website.  He himself prepared the training manuals for the users and conducted the training programs for the team members.


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